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Webemail miner 2.80

Boost your promotion campaign by extracting email

Email marketing is the ideal way to promote your business. Webemail miner extracts email addresses from local files (any type,include text files), web sites, search engines and Newsgroups. Just type one or more keywords, Webemail miner will query major Search Engines: Yahoo, Google, AllTheWeb, Aol, Msn, Looksmart, Dmoz and extracts email addresses by matching your query. By using power filter:email filter, url filter you can extract only the email addresses you actually need from web-pages. You no longer have to buy mailing lists.

Key features:

  • Extract email addresses written with text.
  • Support searching email addresses from the local disk files.(support any type files ,for example:*.htm;*.html;*.txt ,etc).
  • Collect email addresses from web sites.
  • Search email addresses from multiple search engines:Google,Yahoo,Alltheweb,Aol,Msn,Looksmart,Dmoz etc.
  • Support extract email addresses from multi Country: English,Spanish,French,German,Italian,Canada,UK,Switzerland,China.
  • Support searching Email addresses from Urls list.
  • Support searching Email addresses from Newsgroup.
  • Fully automated, multithreaded web robot.
  • Powerful filter mechanism: email filter, url filter.
  • Handles duplicate or wrong addresses.
  • Export email addresses to text file or CSV format file.
  • Powerful filter mechanism: email filter, url filter
  • Support Globe and proxy setting

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Webemail miner


Webemail miner 2.80

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